Adaptive Cruise Control Demonstrated by the New and Used Car Dealership Jenkins and Wynne

Adaptive Cruise Control Demonstrated by the New and Used Car Dealership Jenkins and Wynne

Fran and Rocky from the new car dealership in Clarksville, TN, Hopkinsville, KY and Fort Campbell, KY explain how the "Adaptive Cruise Control" works on a new 2012 Ford Explorer in Clarksville, TN.

Adaptive Cruise Control allows the driver to set the vehicle cruising speed. The Adaptive Cruise Control uses advanced radar technology to monitor the traffic ahead for slower vehicles. If the system detects slower vehicles it will slow the cruising speed to adapt to the slower vehicle speed and travel at a preset gap distance. Once traffic has cleared the Adaptive Cruise Control will return to the speed it was set to originally before encountering slower traffic.

The preset gap distance is defined using 4 programable gap distances accessible from the steering wheel. The 4 gap settings will appear on the My Ford Touch Instrument panel on the console.

To operate the Adaptive Cruise Control:

  • Press the On/Off button on the steering wheel
  • Once the button is turned to on, a vehicle image shows up in the My Ford Touch instrument panel on the console
  • Bars indicating the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you show up on the console to let you know how far of a gap you would like to maintain between vehicles in order to set the gap settings for the cruise control
  • Once the desired gap is reached press the "Set" button to designate the gap distance
  • Now your vehicle will travel at the desired speed you have set until it detects a vehicle inside of your programmed gap distance
  • Once you approach a vehicle travelling slower than your vehicle the gap distance will be maintained to match the speed of the slower vehicle without having to touch the gas or brake
  • Once you are clear of the slower vehicle your cruise control will automatically return to the set speed

This is one of the many technologies the new Fords have to offer. Keep looking back for explanations of Ford's technologies they install in their vehicles and how they work.


By Casey Jenkins

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