Change a Flat Tire

Women at the Wheel explain how to change a flat tire.

Women at the Wheel of Clarksville TN, Hopkinsville KY, and Fort Campbell KY give a step by step explanation of how to change a tire on your car.

  1. Find your tire changing equipment on your vehicle, for a Ford, Lincoln, or Honda car it will be in the trunk and for a Ford, Lincoln, or Honda truck it will be under the back seat.
  2. Use your tire tool to take off your hub cap and loosen the lug nuts.
  3. Before removing the tire be sure the vehicle parking break is engaged.
  4. Take out the jack and assemble the tools.
  5. In a truck insert the tire tool into the a hole located in the rear of the truck below the tailgate. (There should be a small label indicating the spare tire.) Lower the spare tire by rotating the tool once it is inserted in the hole.
  6. Place the jack under the axle of the tire that is deflated.
  7. Attach the tire tool to the jack and twist the tire tool to raise the vehicle.
  8. Once the vehicle has been raised loosen the lug nuts the remaining way off and remove the tire.
  9. Raise or lower the vehicle so the lug nuts line up perfectly with the holes for the lug nuts in the spare tire.
  10. After sliding the spare tire on screw the lug nuts back on finger tight.
  11. Lower the vehicle until the weight of the car is on the tire and you can't spin the tire freely.
  12. Use the tire iron to tighten the lug nuts as tight as you can get them.
  13. After tightening the lug nuts, lower the car the rest of the way and remove the jack.
  14. Place the flat tire in the place of the spare or replace all your tools and you are ready to go.

By Casey Jenkins

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