Honda Service Technician Explains Honda Diagnostics

Honda Service Technician Explains Honda Diagnostics

Casey from Women at the Wheel of the new car and truck dealership talks to John Pojonowski of the Honda service department about Honda's computer diagnostic system. The computer diagnostic system has an interface module that hooks to Honda cars, trucks, and SUVs and pulls the data from the vehicle to the computer. This data can diagnose problems such as:

  • Check Engine Lights
  • Tire Pressure Monitoring System
  • Problems With the Transmission
  • Even Air and Fuel Flow Issues

The interface can connect to any Honda vehicle and give precise detailed information about the car, truck or SUV. The difference in the interface module certified Honda technicians use in the Honda service department and the interface module a parts store uses is the detailed information that can be obtained from the Honda specific module. The interface module at the auto parts store will give a general code explaining a few parts that may be the problem, the Honda interface module will give the exact part that is having trouble almost all the time.

The great thing about getting a Honda service technician to give your car or truck a diagnostics checkup is you will know exactly what is wrong and they can fix it with Honda parts. It can then be fixed correctly and guaranteed. Diagnostics are not run until the customer is notified and authorizes it so there will be no hidden diagnostic fee at Jenkins and Wynne.


By Casey Jenkins

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