Purchasing a Compact Car or Fuel Efficient Car.

Purchasing a Compact Car or Fuel Efficient Car.

Have you noticed an influx of smaller cars on the roads of Clarksville, Hopkinsville, and Fort Campbell? Perhaps it’s because of gas prices or perhaps it’s because vehicle needs are just changing. One fact that is evident now: The small car segment demand is taking over the supply at the Ford, Lincoln and Honda Car Dealership Jenkins and Wynne!

Women at the Wheel opinions on why you should consider a car:

  1. Trunk is hidden!
  2. Compact and easy to handle
  3. The more compact the vehicle is, the better fuel efficiency you get
  4. Takes up less space in a parking space and easier to parallel park
  5. You can customize on the inside and out and make your vehicle YOURS
  6. Lower to the ground so you can still get in and out of a vehicle in a ladylike manner
  7. You don’t have to reach far to collect your items out of the back seat
  8. Easier to clean- inside and out…less space to keep after!
  9. Can fit in the garage and keep warm- especially during those cold winter nights.
  10. We have the Honda Civic and Honda Fit to consider
  11. We have the Ford Focus and Ford Fiesta to consider

If you are curious if a car will fit in your lifestyle and with your needs, please let us know. We are glad to help you research and make a good decision. Let's Chat! In April, Jenkins and Wynne lead our Market in New and Pre-Owned Car Sales. Join us as we spread the word on how practical and sporty a car really can be.
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By Casey Jenkins

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