Jenkins and Wynne Shares Valuable Tips on Buckling Up for Mothers-To-Be

To address the more than 170,000 car crashes involving pregnant women that occur annually, Ford is launching an effort to emphasize proper seat belt usage for this important group of drivers.

Every day, expectant mothers struggle to fit comfortably and safely into their cars. Jenkins and Wynne is sharing the following helpful tips stemming from the company’s development of the Ford “Empathy Belly,” a 30-pound pregnancy suit featuring belly-weight inserts, a six-pound pouch that applies pressure to the bladder, and compartments for water and ball bearings that mimic mild fetal kicking.

By wearing the suit while behind the wheel, Ford engineers experienced firsthand the driving constraints women face while pregnant – such as awkwardness in body movements, postural changes, shifts in center of gravity, limitations in reach, and more – and responded accordingly. Engineers have made design adjustments to the seat belt, steering wheel and even the location of the dashboard buttons.

In addition, owner’s manuals for Ford and Lincoln and Mercury vehicles printed since 2010 include an explanation and graphic illustration for how pregnant women should correctly buckle up:

  • Remove bulky clothes so the seat belt can be placed as close to the body as possible
  • If you are the driver, adjust the seat so you can reach the pedals comfortably with as much distance as possible between your belly and the steering wheel
  • Pull the lap belt over your thighs, buckle it and pull tight. Make sure the lap belt does not run across the belly, but lies as flat as possible under the curve
  • Position the shoulder belt across your chest, between the breasts and to the side of the belly; pull tight
  • Never tuck the shoulder belt under your arm or behind your back – this can hurt both you and your baby

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